Camisetas Southampton
Crazy that Messi might wear this shirt.This video will show you details of the NEW 2021-22 Nike PSG away shirt. Below are the links to the jerseys I showed in the video. Make sure you watch the video all the way and then check out the below videos:

2021-22 Nike PSG Away Jersey

2020-21 Jordan PSG Strike Top

2020-21 Jordan PSG Pre-Match Top

2020-21 Jordan PSG 4th Jersey

2020-21 JORDAN PSG Third Jersey

2020 Jordan PSG Fourth Jersey

2019 Jordan PSG Away Infrared jersey

2018-19 Jordan PSG Champions League jersey and SHOES

2019-20 Nike PSG Third Jersey (This is in Portuguese, but come on….give it a chance!)

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    🇧🇷🇵🇹 Seus Malucos por Camisa de Futebol, Seria essa uma das camisas mais bonitas da temporada 2021-22? Deixe seu comentário abaixo.


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    Height 5’10

    Weight: 182lbs

    Size: Large

    Minhas Especificações:

    Altura: 1,78

    Peso: 82Kg

    Tamanho: G

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