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Why does Cristiano always pick the 7, what about Messi’s 10 and why did he go with the weird 30 now at PSG? Footballers will do a lot to get their favourite number on their back. Kick off’s Max Merrill explains WHY they attach so much value to those digits right below their name and how they choose them! Stay tuned till the end to find out the dumbest, highest, and craziest shirt numbers in football history!

Report: Max Merrill
Camera & Edit: Manuel Vering

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50 comentarios en «WHY shirt numbers are a big thing»
  1. You forgot players like Ricardo Rodriguez who wore 68 because that was the year his mother was born and El Sharawy was 92 because that is the year he was born

  2. 02:39
    here in Brazil, usually number 5 is the CDM number, 6 is the LB number, and 3/4 is the RCB/LCB number. also, my team's manager, the Portuguese Abel Ferreira, also uses number 5 to refer to the CDM position.
    Cool to see these variations of the beautiful game through the world.

  3. I picked my number in homage to one of my favorite baseball players at the time.

    I was assigned 83 in High School American football as a Freshman, and I never felt attached to it. I had hoped for 21, the number of my favorite football player at the time, Deion Sanders, but my HS team assigned position-traditional numbers at random and I was a WR, so I got a random 80s number. Later that year I played baseball and selected #11 because of my baseball team's Rookie of the Year 2nd baseman, Chuck Knoboauch. I loved it, and I really don't know why. The only exception to the random assignment on the football team is you were allowed to retain your number from another sport if it's open. 11 was open, I never looked back. I've warn #11 from college football to rec softball and soccer leagues ever since.

    The only exception is I played in an Alumni vs. Varsity flag football game a few years ago, and I wore #83.

  4. In baseball, I always wore #17. My first soccer season in Spain, I waited for the first 11 guys to chose and picked 12. There was a lot of tension that day.

  5. My favorite number by far is 13, for a couple of reasons. People usually having something against it, one of favorite youtubers having it on the name, the fact that it is lower than Cruyff's, as everybody is, and a couple more.
    However, when my Accounts class decided to make a "class kit", somebody already had asked for 13, so I decided to pick 73, not only because it looks like 13, but also because I wouldn't have competition for it. Unfortunely we barely have the chance to wear it because it is all black with hot pink details, while our school only allows white shirts, which is unfortunate because it is by far the coolest of any class.

  6. My number is “16”

    The reason is because when I first started playing football I was very passionate for the Mexican National team, and Mexico’s Independence Day is Sept., 16th!
    Later on, I found out that it was also the number of the GOAT, Joe Montana, who played for the 49ers, my childhood team!

  7. My first Jersey Number was 30 in my school games then I told them I wanted 10 but they just gave me 11 but thankfully after 3 years I got 10 😄

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