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Pre-order the Liverpool FC 2022-23 Home Jersey now! Inspired by scouse solidarity, the bold and no-nonsense design represents the mentality of the people of Liverpool, a mentality that makes the city truly unique. Personalise your new LFC kit with the club’s brand new name and number design for next season. On sale and in stores 19th May 2022.

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50 comentarios en «LIVERPOOL FC's NEW 2022/23 NIKE HOME KIT | FIRST LOOK!»
  1. I'm sorry but from a Liverpool fan
    This is the most bland kit in the world
    it has no detail
    Just a Nike logo, a Liverpool Logo & a standard chartered logo

  2. What design? It's a plain red shirt with the sponsors name on it. The problem is the people who loves it. Nike is like why bother design, these clowns will love anything

  3. I already have one 🔴😁! And I love it! I hope so many beautiful things waiting for us in the next season! YNWA from Hungary! 👊😁

  4. I think nike have shown just what they think about liverpool's history, 97,instead of remembering ,it's also about the supporters, not glory,,,y,n,w,a

  5. This season isnt ever fully over yet and they are dropping a new kit allready, i like it i must say, but please cant Nike wait until July…

  6. Omg nike. i tried it. don't like it. fail fail fail. what cutting is this? don't understand. targeting the chubby group? not sure what is going on with this design.

  7. Nike have gone for a simple….."no design" whatsoever this year I see…….plain shirt . and stick a tick on it………ha ha……i hope they don't actually pay kit designers!

  8. Bring back 70s – 80s design please. I couldn't hold my fart, 🤣😂, I mean, my breath any longer. All those worn by Keegan, Hughes, Heighway, Dalglish, Kennedy, Neal, Thompson. Liverpool jersey without white trim is a joke, to be honest. Those are true plain simple and masterpiece. Embroidered crest is original but meaningful. Plastic is simply…. plastic, cold-hearted plastic logo.😩😩😭😭…. Too bad world has too far gone to change. 😭😭

  9. I like it but all it seems that Nike has done is got a red shirt from Primark and slapped the Liverpool logo on it just to save money – but it still seems cool

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